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Albion Online Joseph Update

We know that Albion Online is a very time consuming game, but for those of us who have stuck with it, we have had a blast. Well, Sandbox Interactive just last week dropped some great information on us about the new update which is called Joseph. This is actually the first large update that Albion Online has received since its full release. We want to share a few of the things that caught our attention.

Battle Arena: One of the coolest things is the new Arena Mode which has 5 v 5 battles. The combat in Albion Online is very interesting and we are intrigued to see if they will make any changes to the core combat for this Arena Mode. Being victorious in these Arena Battles is going to earn players Arena rewards.

Eternal Battle Expedition: Anything that has you killing hordes of undead in our book is cool. From what we gather, Eternal Battle Expedition is a mode that is pretty story driven and you are required to topple a governor all the while taking down the undead. It sounds very action …

Are Black Zone Runs The Best Way To Get Fame In Albion Online?

If you have been looking at our blogs the last year, you will have noticed that since day one, we have been proud to be the best place online for people to buy Albion Online Silver and that we are also pretty big fans of the game ourselves. With that being said, we get that for some people Albion Online is a real grind fest and the way it sucks so much of your time is a little off putting. But we have had a few people ask us about using Black Zones to get a lot of Fame as this is something that seems to be floating around online right now.

We have some pretty hardcore Albion Online players here at and this is their general feeling on using Black Zones as a way to score a lot of fame.

First of all Black Zones can be a great source of getting Fame. But there are a few things that you need to know and do. First of all, you want to be in a group of around 5 people, 6 at the absolute most. You really cannot succeed with any less and any more people makes the Fame you get not…