Albion Online Guild VS Guild PvP Guide Gameplay Video -

Albion Online Guild VS Guild PvP Guide Gameplay Video -

Albion Online Guild VS Guild  PvP Guide Gameplay Video
Looking for advice on a good versatile build!! Wanting it for end game level pvp preferably ranged solo but can hold its own in melee. I run with my guild often so it also needs to work just as well for GvG and grouped pve. Also if I could double as a healer with the same build that'd be dope.

What is Guild vs Guild

A guild vs guild battle is a 5 vs 5 fight inside an instance of the challenged territory.  A challenge to a guild owned city territory involves a larger 20 vs 20 fight. 

How to attack Edit

If you claim a territory, you have to pick a time window in which you can be attacked.
If you want to attack an enemy territory, you have to stay in their picked time window and can choose between a siege or a raid. An attack costs your guild silver, If you do not have enough silver, you can sell your material or equipment, or buy albion online silver in Albionmall.
Successful raids lead to lowering the defense and granting you silver.
A successful siege will lead into claiming the enemy territory.
You have to set up a battlevault first to bring gear into the battle in the territory you are defending or attacking from.

Siege battleEdit

As soon as the fight starts, all participants are teleported into the territory you're fighting over.
Every team has 100 points at the beginning of the battle. The team who reaches 0 points first loses the fight. To make the other team lose points, you need to claim orbs.
Orbs are 3 standing stones positioned in the territory. They are always owned by one of the two fighting guilds (in the beginning they all belong to the defender), and they attack players of the opposite guild. You can claim them by clicking them.
Every 100 seconds the guild which controls fewer orbs loses points. Also, whenever a player is killed, the guild loses 2 points.
A siege fight has a maximum duration of 31 minutes, if there's no winner after 31 minutes, the defender will win automatically.


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